ASCI school CGRA assignment

This is not how the CGRA looks like on silicon, it will have different size, color, etc.

In this assignment the students will work with the reconfigurable architecture developed at Eindhoven University of Technology. This architecture is a CGRA that allows you to construct a processor that matches the structure of the application that you want to run on it very closely. This leads to big performance improvements as well as improvements in energy efficiency. You will get a reference architecture implementation (constructed with our CGRA) that is quite similar in resources to what you find in a typical RISC processor. You will also receive a naive implementation of the algorithm for this processor. Your job is to modify the architecture (which can be done by modifying a configuration file) and the application source code. By tuning one to match the other, you can tune the design to obtain a optimal balance between performance, power and area.

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